10 Ways to Know You’re in Florida

Peacocks rule the neighborhoodMost states and regions have sights, sounds and experiences that are unique to them, including Florida.  Here are 10 ways to know you’re in Florida:

  1. Bartenders serve beer named Florida Cracker.
  2. A house painted pink with white trim is not rare, and can actually look good.
  3. Hunker Down is not only an action one does when a hurricane approaches, but is also the name of a bar.
  4. Everyone has at least three umbrellas in their car.
  5. Air conditioning is not an option.
  6. Peacocks can rule a neighborhood.
  7. Billboards are everywhere.
  8. Ladies (and perhaps a few men) wear pants with bright, floral patterns and it looks normal.
  9. Yard work is best completed before 8:30 AM, when the temperature first breaks 90 degrees.
  10. It’s so humid outside that overly air-conditioned buildings “sweat” – moisture rains down the INSIDE of windows. And your eyeglasses fog up when you leave a store.


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