Lemon Meringue Sunrise

Lemon Meringue.   There are not two better words in the English language to describe a recent sunrise over the Indian Ocean, a real lemon meringue sunrise.

Ignoring the fact that I was visiting the quaint little coastal town of St. Lucia in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa, and ignoring the fact that I had never seen a sunrise over the Indian Ocean before,  this lemon meringue sunrise was exquisite on its own. It did not need any exotic locale or other foreign aspects to embellish it or the moment.

Well before the sun had actually tipped its hat to the day, it back-lit the sky with soft yellow light. Not pink, not orange, not red, nor purple.  Simple pure yellow.

With each passing moment, that soft yellow light became stronger and brighter. As the sun inched above the horizon, the waves took on the same yellow hue. The water actually seemed to turn yellow and it beautifully reflected the morning light. It was a lemon meringue sunrise.

And then the waves came. They relentlessly crashed ashore. As violent as they looked and sounded, their white froth and foam was soft and thick and creamy. Inches thick, the froth topped each wave, big and small. It formed the perfect meringue.

Never in my entire life have I seen such a bright, sunny, yellow, pretty, pure, clean, fresh sunrise. If I had had a knife and fork, I would have met the moment with a serving of lemon meringue pie for breakfast on the beach. Instead, I had a visual slice of pie. A slice of heaven, this lemon meringue sunrise was simply yummy.

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  1. Your photo is absolutely amazing! It may be worth a thousand words, Donna, but your words were well worth reading.

  2. Truly magnificent description of an extraordinary spectacle….wonderfully described

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